Written by Akuvi
In an era where almost every girl on Instagram is curvy with tempting butts, the urge for big butts increases every day. Most young women spend a disproportionate part of their times in Gyms squatting and doing butt exercises to increase their butt size.
Do squats really increase my butt size?
 This is a vague question that is often asked by most women craving for bigger butts, at least through natural ways.
 Their skepticism is understood it is best to allay their fears and provide them with a thorough understanding of how exactly muscles are built and why squats can increase butt size. This is the goal we aim to accomplish in this post.
Let us start with this, doing squats whiles not the only way to build the gluteal muscles are definitely in the top 5. The gluteal muscles are three groups of muscles that make up the buttocks, and squats are a great way to build these muscles and tone both the thighs and the butt. To the question of whether squats can really increase the size of one’s butt, the answer is yes and no.
Basically, it depends on which point one is starting from.
If you already have a big butt but with a lot of body fat, the squats will tend to burn fat as it’s toning your muscles and your butts can actually end up reducing a little bit. It sounds surprising, but it’s because muscles occupy less space than fat, so even though you may be building muscles, the overall size of your butt may reduce a bit but will be firmer and more toned.
On the other hand, if you start with a slender frame, squats are a great way to add some mass to your lower body especially your butt and thighs. The rate of improvement will largely depend on your consistency and also your diet.

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