I Re-Watched Beyonce: The President’s Daughter As A Young Adult And I Have Some Thoughts


The Ghanaian movie industry has come a long way. Furthermore, we can agree that the industry has faced its shares of up and downs. However, nobody can dispute that there was a golden age of the Ghanaian movie industry. Where we were all excited to see the next movie.
As a thought, I decided to go back and watch the old movies. Granted when those movies came out, I was just starting puberty and they made an impression on me.
I decided to try this because I saw a similar thing on Buzzfeed.com. Therefore, I will share my unvarnished thoughts about the movie.
You ready?
The movie today is Beyonce: The President’s Daughter. I cannot believe this movie came out 12 years ago. Wow, time sure flies. This movie put Nadia Buari in the limelight. Before, I begin let me just say I hated the movie title. Why, oh why didn’t we use a different title?? Maybe remove the Beyonce from it. *sigh*
These are my thoughts as the movie began
1. What was this music right at the beginning? Ok, it sounds Indian
2. Can we just say the fashion is just cringe-worthy?
3. Was the house supposed to be the Presidential place??
4. Ugghh, the first 3 minutes of the movie is nothing. Can the movie start already?
5. Were we this obvious by stating the title of the movie? Beyonce just accurately summed up politics in a nutshell. I stan a queen.
6. Why are they drinking Hennessy in wine glasses? And do all politician kids hang out together?
7. The first time we meet Raj (Van Vicker) he was shot?? Honestly, there should be more blood from a gunshot wound. And Ciara (Jackie Appiah witnessed? The plot thickens.
8. Did she just ask someone who’s been shot if he can drive??? Bish how??
9. Raj was shot in the chest and they’re handling him like he fell down. How he’s not dead already is a miracle? Clearly, our healthcare has always been in shambles.
10. These policemen ain’t sh*t. Wait, wait, wait. Raj has to be taken from the hospital to the police station for identification before a police report is written and then taken back to the hospital.
11. OMG!!! Who remembers skinny Kalsoum Sinare? She used to scare me so much.
12. Yo he needed the number. Mum (Kalsoum Sinare) isn’t having it. But how could you not take the number of the person who literally saved your son’s life.
13. Ciara was a singer. How on the nose. What’s this song Ciara is singing. Why is she so greasy?
14. Is this how to woo a girl Raj?? She just sang one song and you’re asking if she’s a call girl. Are you ok Raj?? And since when do we exchange family assets the first time around?
15. Beyonce was the real queen. She saw what she wanted and she went for it. Do we really need to know who your father is? Yass Bey, be a boss babe and pay for that man’s shopping.
16. How come we haven’t seen the President yet??
17. Why do we waste so much time in our movies showing unnecessary scenes?
18. Wait what work does she do to afford this house? We’ve never seen her work.
19. Wow, using this age-old inquiry into asking about a girlfriend.
20. Who styled Raj for this movie? So disturbing
21. Raj, a girl who sings in the club can be a virgin. Don’t be stupid.
22. Nikki Samonas was in this movie???
23. Wow Beyonce was dashing money like that? But I thought Raj’s family had money too.
24. I hate how she talks in this movie.
25. What does feminine poise mean? *heads to Google*
26. Her room feels very clasutrophobic.
27. Wow Raj, you just told Ciara you loved her. *men are trash*
28. So he took money from Beyonce to buy a car to impress Ciara.
29. Van Vicker was a trendsetter. He did this even before Igwe 2pac; even with the hypeman.
30. Beyonce’s friends are hilarious.
31. Wow, we went 48 minutes before we got the Shakespearean language.
32. Hmmm, awarding contracts because of love.
33. Yie, Ciara and Beyonce meet in Raj’s house. As3m aba.
34. Oh Raj, you’re so stupid. How can you bring Ciara home and introduce her to the girl you had sex with as your fiancee. How dense are you?
35. Kalsoum Sinare can out-stare anybody.
36. A slap!!!
37. Ew, Raj is honestly the villain of this story. He started this whole mess.
38. Why are her friends in the house while she’s not around?
39. More time fillers
40. Parents dictating children’s love lives is so like African movies.
41. Raj’s friend, Bobby (Hakeem) is so annoying.
42. What is it with this movie and flowery chokers?
43. Wow Ciara, you went to Raj’s house and the reception was hostile and you still went back???
44. What are you still doing in the house Ciara?
45. The first threat has been issued. Wow Raj didn’t even talk to Beyonce.
46. But Ciara why are you crying? You know they didn’t like you but you’re still shocked.
47. Wait, how close are the houses? Wasn’t there traffic in 2006? How’s he able to move from one house to the other quickly.
48. We never saw Kalsoum interact with Ciara and you want us to believe that your mother liked her? Try again
49. Nikki Samonas as a little sister is so funny.
50. The second threat. They even went to Ciara’s house. Whooo
51. But I thought Bobby didn’t like Ciara.
52. Wow is that shop the only shop in Accra.
53. At least she didn’t sack the entire store.
54. Raj is still using the car. Lol. I guess hate me love my dog.
55. Raj is trash. You know she’s not comfortable in the house and you’re still taking her there.
56. What does Raj do for a living? All we see is him coming and going.
57. Catfight! Catfight!! Nikki is so sassy in this movie.
58. Wooo, Beyonce goes to visit Ciara. Her face looks like, woo chile the ghetto.
59. Wow, Beyonce hit Ciara with a vase in her own home. Loooooool
60. Why’s there so much blood for this scene?
61. Honestly, Raj has no work to do. Also, how can you just go to the President daughter’s house and start screaming and the security just looks at you.
62. Wow Raj is such a stallion.
63. Her friends are such yes men. Nobody can tell her that she’s being an idiot.
64. Wait wait wait. How can you just assault someone in broad daylight?? Where are the people on the streets?
65. How did Raj get broken bones from being hit on the back. Now pain is transferable?
66. Why is the doctor divulging confidential patient information to a random person?
67. Who did this makeup on Ciara?? Why isn’t her face bandaged? Who leaves burnt face to the elements?
68. What chemical is more than acid? We need the tea.
69. Ooooh this is why they swapped Ciaras.
70. Look at Beyonce coming through like she didn’t have anything to do with it.
71. What is it with these proverbs???
72. Beyonce making an unforgettable exit.
73. Ah wait? That’s it.
74. Oh I remember this theme song.
75. Why did it have to be broken up in parts?
76. So I guess Part 2 next week.

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