Chit Chat with the Maiden Agoo Face of the month- Dromeryda



AGOO: Tell us about yourself?

DRO: I am Dromeryda Agyapong, 21years of age and a student of abbeam university pursuing a degree course in business admin (3rd year ) I love serene environments.


AGOO: How has the life after Miss Malaika been?

DRO: Life after Malaika has been okay…nothing extraordinary


AGOO: What have you been up to? (Any projects worth sharing )

DRO: I got the chance to work with GTP as one of the faces for 2018 campaign so, there are a couple of billboard running at the moment.


AGOO: What’s the feeling like of being the Face of the month for Agoo Magazine?

DRO: Wow being the face of the month. It’s a very good feeling I must say. I was excited when I was chosen.I am still aiming high n looking forward to being the cover girl sometimes.


AGOO: What’s do you love doing the most?

DRO: I love to swim, read, sleeping haha I enjoy relaxing .. I could literally stay in bed all day n not get bored and I love serenity. I love trees n anything that appreciates nature and most importantly I love food, I am not a foodie, I only appreciate ingredients (just for laughs)


AGOO:  What some of your favorite hang out spots in Accra?

DRO: Villa Monticello and la Villa boutique because they have a serene environment and it’s always calm

Holiday inn  Oceano restaurant and imperial perkings because I love their food


AGOO:  If you had the chance to change the world, What would you do?

DRO: Wow, change the world(laughs), Errrhmm I will change the human mindset to make them understand the impact of their actions on others and also I will ensure there are enough resources for everyone to live happily without suffering and lastly I will ensure there’s no pain, no death, no sickness. I think if all this is put in place the world will be a better place .. I can only think it in my head but can’t be done


AGOO: What’s the future like for you?

DRO: My future will definitely be bright. I am still focused on achieving and trusting in God

FUN questions:

AGOO: Sarkodie or Davido?

DRO: None of them really lol


 AGOO: Instagram or Snapchat

DRO: Snapchat


AGOO: paperback or ebook?

 DRO: Paperback

AGOO: Flats or heels

DRO: Heels it makes me look smart



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