Angoamuwura And How Social Media Really Helps


If you don’t know, social media is a big deal. If you know how to navigate it, it’ll be the start of a potential gold field. In Ghana, the biggest social media app is Facebook followed by Instagram. However, the app that seems to be the pulse point is Twitter. Granted not everyone in Ghana is on Twitter; however, what goes on on the app affects several facets of people’s lives.

In 2016, the Presidential campaign strategies were tested out on Twitter before it moved to the mainstream. Who can forget the epic #kalyppochallenge?

In that same vein, Twitter is very cliquey. It is very similar to all those high school movies we grew up watching. If you’re friends with the right people, no matter what you do, you would get people supporting you or retweeting your event. However, if you are caught on the fringes, it takes a while before people notice what you do.

This was the case of the Angoamowura. Last week, she posted pictures showcasing her services. For me, I did not see the big deal. This is because this is the same app where we accepted kosua ne meko; puff puff for 6 cedis without batting an eye and several other goods and services. However, this particualr lady’s product sent a couple of people in a meltdown. She was met with a lot of derision and mockery. For some people, they could not fathom why she would deign to sell this to people. For others, it was just a sigh of ‘Is Ghana that hard?’

Her reply to all that talk was for me the most poignant part. She rightfully indicated that she had finished National Service and there was nothing for her to do. Therefore, she would harness the one thing she could do and make some coins out of it.

Here is where the magic of social media comes in. Sometimes, things happen on social media that makes me believe that there’s good in all of us behind the trolling and constant pitching of sides.

Lexis Bill from Joy FM decided to feature her on his show. From that show, she got an instant barrage of compliments and support. Companies opted to help and others placed their orders with her. Instantly, her number to take orders was busy. (Believe me, I tried calling her all through the weekend but alas it was busy.)

There is a lesson there for us all on how social media affects our lives. Don’t forget to follow her

Also, remember it takes a village.

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