#AgooFridays: Tips To Cure Hangovers


So you woke up with a hangover. This would be due to a night of drinking and not enough food. A lot of people find it difficult to function when they are hangover. However, not to worry, the following are ways to cure the hangover quickly. This is part of our weekly #AgooFridays tips on how to navigate the weekend.
Tips On How To Cure A Hangover

1. Drink Water: Drinking water can never be over-emphasized. Water is life. Moreover, it is especially helpful when you get a hangover and are trying to function. Waking up hangover means having a dry, cottony feeling in your mouth. When this happens, just grab a glass of water and just drink. Also, the water works as a cleanse for all the alcohol in your system.

2. Get a good, greasy breakfast: Now, I don’t know the scientific relation between greasy food and alcohol. However, this tip works like magic. On the many occasions I woke up with a hangover, I just had to have breakfast. The greasier, the better. Breakfast options include waakye, English Breakfast, pancakes and waffles with lots of bacon.
3. Get more sleep: Even if you just woke up, chances are you need to get back to bed. Your body is tired from the strain of the alcohol. Therefore, it needs to repair itself. This can be accomplished if you catch some zzz’s.
4. Stay hydrated throughout the day: Water is not the only liquid you need. You need lots of hydration by drinking electrolyte fueled liquids. These ones replenish the fluids lost in your body.
5. Take painkillers: If you are one of those people who needs a quick bounce-back; drugs are necessary. Just take painkillers with plenty water and in no moment you would see the results.
*Bonus Tip*- Have Another Glass Of Cocktail: Now this isn’t the best way to cure a hangover. It is unhealthy even. However, I have friends who swear by this tip. According to them, having alcohol when you wake up hangover acclimates your body. Once again this isn’t advisable. You do this at your own risk (winks).
So there it is, our tips to get over a hangover. Honestly, these tips are tested and proven by me.

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