#AgooFridays: The Netflix And Chill Edition


It’s another Friday. This means it’s another version of #AgooFridays. Today’s tips are for having a successful Netflix & Chill. It’s not always that you want to go out. Sometimes, you want to catch up on your favourite movies and television shows. We present tips to help make your viewing weekend more exciting. Remember you can always add to these tips.
a. Decide whether you want company or not: This is very important. Deciding this will determine how you go about everything. If you’re going to be solo-watching; then you would know how to act. If you’re going to be with friends, then you plan how to entertain and make everyone comfortable. However, if you’re going to be with a significant other, then you need to plan to make it extra-special.
b. Create a comfortable environment: You can’t watch movies in just any environment. You need your ambiance to match the mood you set. Also, determine where that environment will be. Will it be in your bedroom or the living room? You should clean up no matter where you have the moviethon.
c. Provide snacks: Honestly, what is movie watching without snacks. The obvious snack choice is popcorn. However, if you want to be adventurous, you can try different snacks like pork chops, doughnuts, pancakes and many others. If you want healthier options, you can try a fruit platter filled with different fruits; or granola. If you’re with company, make sure you know their dietary requirements.
d. Decide on the order of movies: Know what you want to watch. Otherwise, you would spend a good portion of the time searching for what to watch. Plan ahead on what you want to see. It can range from an old movie you want to rewatch; a new television show you haven’t had the time to catch up with; or a new movie that everyone talks about. The sequencing of movies is also important. Make sure you know what movie goes before what. If it’s a television show then you know you’ve a binge-fest ahead of you
e. Press play and enjoy the night: This is the easiest part. When everything is set to your specification; just press play and enjoy the night. This can be a whole weekend affair. (Hey, we don’t judge)
Try out these tips and let us know what yours are for a successful movie marathon.

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