TooSweet Annan In Vintage Photoshoot


We spy with our little eyes TooSweet taking a different approach to fashion.
Ghanaian actor, TooSweet Annan takes his fashion style to the next level in a vintage themed photoshoot.

Furthermore, the actor is popularly known as a fashion icon (supremo & swag Lord). This is due to the elegant photos he posts on social media. Moreover, these new photos present him as a bespoke gentleman.

The style of the photoshoot is as a 1950’s British gentleman. TooSweet is in a grey flannel jacket, dressed down in classic dress shoes, topped with a bowler hat. Furthermore, he takes us on a journey through time, reminding us of the elegance of English fashion.

Photography is by @Perry_Edwards inside @Friendz_Studios

Outfit by @WardrobeYakmen

Photos of TooSweet Annan in vintage fashion

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