2018 Style Trends On Our Radar


Selorm David Aforla

With the arrival of what seems to be a very exciting 2018, it’s not too difficult to know what fashion trends and styles will dominate every event, appearance, and closets all year around.
And by Pantone’s announcement of the charming purple shade “ultraviolet” as the color of 2018, you’re sure to see major labels and brands globally succumbing for the radiance of what seems to be a vibrant, versatile colorant, which will dazzle it’s way through chic street styles to sophisticated Avant-garde and couture pieces throughout the world with Ghana obviously not left out.
There are several fashion trends and styles to be excited about in 2018 for both men and womenswear.

1. Sequin & Sparkles

Honestly, I wish this was over and done with and I was hoping not to see it in vogue this year but no, SEQUIN won’t just leave! Don’t be in a hurry to discard yours yet cos Sparkles, Shimmers and glitz will live with us another 12 months.


My most anticipated womenswear trend for 2018 will be the UFO heel. I’m particularly excited about how this awkwardly shaped, gravity-defying, eye-catching, inventive heels will inspire looks within the year. Already seen some bold women pull this off in such style.

3. Socks & Sandals

This is a trend that is pulling itself from a successful 2017 into 2018. The Socks and Sandals. This trend dominated literally every look in 2017 and is sure to dazzle in 2018. Just be sure to add some sparkle and shimmers, that will make the difference.


Trust me, this may seem impossible to you, especially with such humid conditions down here. But just don’t say I didn’t mention “the Plastic 2018”. From bags to shoes to jackets to hats all appearing in plastics. This will dominate 2018. I know many who will easily pull this off….”have a plastic 2018”

5 Padded jackets

Comfortwear was a style obsession that was all over events this season, as exaggerated volume was made dramatic with a new play on proportion and oversized shapes. If you only buy one piece, make it the new padded jacket, combining fashion craftsmanship with high-tech fabrics and flirting with new approaches to padding to create hybrid forms.

6. Athletic Wear

I don’t think this one is a surprise. This has been on for a couple of seasons now and it looks like it’s not going away anytime soon. Brands like Adidas, Nike, Umbro are all great for athletic wear, however, the only downside, it gets pricey. If you can afford an original then way to go!

7. The Beret

A French style icon, the beret is back. Seen at most of the relevant fashion shows and event from the close of last year’s fashion season is a winner for every guy of style in 2018. Fun part is, it’s street and high fashion at the same time.

8. Waist Bag

If you are 25 years old or under, then you can be forgiven if you don’t know what a bum bag is, but if you’re like me, and grew up with 90’s fashion trends, then you’ll know all about them, and probably had one, if not a few. This is quite an Iconic piece of accessory for men which remains fresh and fun. It’s back in 2018 and you better own it.

9. Double Bags

Remember that packing advice your mum gave you when you were a kid: double bag everything you care about most. Well, she was way ahead of her time – in a style sense at least. 2018 is here and you will definitely be packing 2 bags, else you are left out…..sorry!

10. Men’s Footwear

The thing about men’s footwear is that there’s barely an overwhelming windfall with trends, however, some exciting looks you can own this season will be some Patterned Ankle Boots, Strappy Sandals, and trainers. Not saying you should discard your four-year-old Brogues…But well yea! Let them go already…it’s been four damn years!

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