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We’d like to think of Instagram as a fashion haven, where everything Fashion happens. The best way to keep up with your styling game is to stay abreast with all the trendy fashion pieces by following top fashion and style accounts.

Every year brings the atmosphere for new pieces with which stylists play around with. 2018 is already upon us and we have noticed some pieces have been rapidly on the rise.

Here are few of them

STATEMENT SUNGLASSES: From what most people prefer to call welding glasses to tiny oval sunglasses, funny statement sunglasses have been spotted in pieces of most fashion and style influencers.
It’s hard to go wrong with these statement sunglasses rooted in vintage fashion and vintage enthusiasts are sure to love.

STRAW/BOLGA BAGS: Lately on most fashion blogs, style bloggers have been spicing their ensembles up with straw pieces. These pieces prove that basic ensembles can totally rack up cool points when coupled with woven beauties.

OVERSIZED BELTS AND BELT BAGS: Belts are referred to as timeless pieces for a reason, they never get out of style. Belt bags and oversized belts have made major styling impacts last year and are still making impacts this year.

BERETS: We have migrated from baseball caps to berets and that was fast. Scrolling through fashion blogs, it’s abundantly clear that berets are making a comeback and they are going to reign for a while.

RIBBON PIECES: We are seeing the ribbon trend, from Parachute Belts to slingback Ribbon Pumps and bag straps. Sick of your boring tracksuit, give it some love by attaching any ribbon of your choice on the edges and giving it a whole total new look.

STRANGE SHOES: Although these shoe styles typically thrive in vintage fashion, there is a version for everyone and are beginning to dominate our timelines.


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