Shirley Frimpong-Manso Recants Her Decision To Quit Movie Production


Movie producer, Shirley Frimpong-Manso retracts her comments on saying goodbye to the movie industry. She stated that those comments weren’t well thought off.

Earlier, the renowned movie producer revealed the frustrations in the movie industry.

However, the CEO of Sparrow Production takes a U-Turn on her statement. In a conversation at the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards in Lagos, the producer revealed that her initial comment was made out of emotions.

Therefore, she called on government and stakeholders to take a cue from the African Magic Viewers Choice Awards and support the arts.

“It’s an opportunity to be able to sell ourselves, our country and what we do. Potato Potato was collaboration, Ghanaian and Nigerian and for us I think the collaboration was also good. I just hope that the country will take a cue from all of this, support the industry, and those who can”

Also, the host asked her about her initial decision captured by various blogs.

“I was emotional. My manager says I shouldn’t say that again. I don’t know sometimes it gets really difficult and it gets really tough and then you are thinking what am I doing wrong? I love what I do and I think wherever I find myself, I will do it”

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