Writer: Akuvi

Met Gala happens to be New York’s most important and fashion’s biggest night of the year and it happened on the 7th of May. The theme for this year’s Gala was a bit controversial, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”, thus, the concept around the theme tackled the influence of Catholicism in Fashion.
Our favourite and most famous faces appeared on the red carpet serving the theme with iconic Catholic emblems engraved in their garments. Known for her show-stopping red carpet fashion, most of us were looking forward to yet another breathtaking ensemble that will liven up the Red Carpet with her incredibly crafted pieces, but, we were a bit disappointed but excited our Bey showed up as the Holy Spirit.

We suppose she already envisioned the theme for 2018’s Gala and gave us a feel of the party with her 2017 Grammy’s Performance Golden ensemble. She already gave us the pregnant Mother-Mary look. And don’t forget, she makes positive changes year after year to her already strong fashion base, so, appearing as the Holy Spirit Himself wasn’t surprising at all. And Yes!! That’s upping one’s game.
We believe she had a good night sleep knowing she is going to make it to the Best Dressed list the next morning. She stole our hearts, she was our best dressed on the Red Carpet with her incredible look, the Holy Spirit does it better. When next you are in doubt, appear at any event as the Holy Spirit and you are sure to make a mark, that’s a free fashion tip.

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