Bill Cosby Sentenced To Three To Ten Years In Prison


Comedian, Bill Cosby sentenced to a maximum of 3-10 years in prison. This came after series of court trials following allegation leveled against him for assaulting over 60 women sexually.

Also, he will serve a minimum of three years before becoming eligible for parole. The punishment also includes a $25,000 fine and monthly counselling for the rest of his life. Lawyers of Cosby, asked for house arrest, saying Cosby is too old and vulnerable to do time in prison. However, Prosecutors ruled otherwise, asking for five to ten years behind bars, saying he could still pose a threat to women.

Sonia Ossorio, president of the National Organization for Women of New York, credited Cosby’s accusers with helping pave way for the #MeToo movement. She stated
“Bill Cosby seeing the inside of a prison cell sends a strong message that predators, no matter who they are, from Hollywood to Wall Street to the Supreme Court can no longer be protected at the expense of victims.”

He rose to fame in the early 60s as the first black actor to star in a network show, I Spy, Cosby’s 81 years of fame will however not go wasted totally as his star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame is remaining despite backlash after Tuesday’s hearing.

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