AI Releases New EP ‘Headstrong”


2ligit singer, A.I released his debut 9-track EP titled “Headstrong”.

He spoke about his latest release. According to him, the music in the EP is “feel good music”. Also, he added that it’s the type of music that will keep one going even when circumstances may be weighing you down.

Moreover, he stated that the EP has no other artist feature. However, it was not on purpose. He stated that the tracks selected for the theme of the EP just happened to be tracks he recorded alone. However, he states that he has a lot of unreleased songs with other artists which will be out soon.

A.I. released his Mixtape Mayhem back in 2013, and since then the artist has released several singles, with arguably the most popular one being “Grind”.

The Headstrong EP is now available on all online music stores and music streaming platforms; including Africa’s new music hub

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