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Agoo Magazine runs a successful digital division that manages its own properties (web, social media and digital publications). launched in February 2018 as custom-designed content and social network sites. A dedicated Agoo Magazine team manages content and interaction.
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Agoo Magazine is an international lifestyle magazine with curated content that embraces afrocentric culture and style, leisure and tourism as well as emerging social trends and topical issues.

The middle and upper class form the bulk of our readership. These are made up of dynamic and upwardly mobile professionals in the financial services industry who put in an average of 10 to 15 hours a day on the job and will want to relax by reading a lifestyle magazine. A great number of these are working couples and career men and women. We also have a significant number of people in business especially CEO’s and top management. These are men and women who are self-assured, educated and open – mined with a wide range of interests.

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